The final rehearsals serve as an important milestone during the “birth” of a new Kirchstetten opera production. Not only do the numerous activities and positions of singers become final, several refinements are also made once all singers get the feel of the Kirchstetten stage and the atmosphere of the Maulpertsch Hall.

The Stage Director’s (SD) concept leaves room for the singers to come up with ingenious characterizations, experimental gestures and mimic, and even their own additional sketches. These are either signed off by the SD or saved for another day/another production. The process is rather like working with marble – the sculptor has a vision of the end result, but is influenced by the colors, the nuances and the fine features of the natural stone during the creative phase.

It is wonderful to watch the singers move on the Kirchstetten stage during the first rehearsal – although they are well-informed of the dimensions in advance, it still is a “shock” to understand just how close the audience is.  I dare say, this is quite a challenge even for those who are returning to the Maulpertsch Hall.

Once we get to Kirchstetten, the SD starts the refinement process – several positions are modified, some things get the axe and then again, several small things are added. The costumes, the lighting and the props are finalized, the extra decorations are added in the rooms of the Castle, which buzzes with life and activity. Everybody has one single purpose in mind: creating a special night to remember for all those, who pay pilgrimage to the Tiniest And Most Intimate Opera House In Austria.


Rodica Vica ( in the role of Norina